IPAS Modul für DLS Messungen und Online Messkopf

CMX Applications IPAS Particle Size Colloid Analysis

Inline Particle Measurement

In many manufacturing processes of dispersions like printing inks or Inkjet inks there is a growing demand to measure the dispersions already during...

Die Kombination aus Stabino® & NANO-flex® (DUO-S) im Einsatz beim EZD

IPAS Applications Stabino NANO-flex Particle Size Particle Charge Colloid Analysis

The European Centre for Dispersion Technology (EZD) uses the Combination of Stabino® & NANO-flex® (DUO-S) for the Characterization of various Dispersions

The European Centre for Dispersion Technology (EZD) is an interdisciplinary research and technology transfer centre, focussed on the manufacturing and...

DLS Prinzip 180 heterodyn

Applications NANO-flex IPAS Particle Size Colloid Analysis

Enabling the measurement of particle sizes in stirred colloidal suspensions by embedding dynamic light scattering into an automated probe head

Measuring particle sizes and size distributions in colloidal suspensions is of great importance in many technical processes. These processes are...


Technologies Particle Size Particle Charge ZetaView

Zeta potential and size measurement of nanoparticles by laser scattering video microscopy

Published as poster at the Nanotech Europe 2009 conference & exhibition in Berlin, 28th – 30th of September at the Technical University in Berlin by...


CMX Technologies NANO-flex IPAS Particle Size

NANO-flex 180° DLS nanoparticle sizing

Performance of 180° DLS

From the simple heterodyne geometry SEVEN key performance features are derived. These are unique compared to conventional...


CMX Technologies NANO-flex IPAS Particle Size

Dynamische Lichtstreuung - Bestimmung der Partikelgrößenverteilung kolloidaler Stoffe

Die dynamische Lichtstreuung ist ein verbreitetes Instrument zur Bestimmung der  Partikelgrößenverteilung in feinen Feststoffsuspensionen, Emulsionen,...

NANO-flex® im Reaktor

IPAS Applications NANO-flex Particle Size Colloid Analysis

Synthesis of microgels by precipitation poylmerisation in a reactor at varying process conditions monitored by a nano size measuring probe

The radical polymerisation takes place at 70°C  to obtain a microgel. The reaction starts at 60 nm particle size and is finished after 5 minutes at...

NANO-flex® Measurement of Ink

Applications NANO-flex IPAS Particle Size Colloid Analysis

Printer Ink Nanosize Measurement Using NANO-flex® Particle Size Analyzers

Particle Metrix is considered the standard method for measuring the particle size of pigment suspensions used in printers. Measurements are performed...

Schnelle Partikelladungstitration einer Aluminumoxid-Dispersion

Applications Stabino NANO-flex IPAS Particle Size Particle Charge Colloid Analysis

Controlling critical coagulation of pigments and fillers


Particle charge is one of the vital parameters1 in coating and retention optimization. pH setting and additive control belong to the daily work in...

Stabino Measurement Principle

Applications Stabino Particle Charge Colloid Analysis

Ionic Charge Mapping of Macromolecular Solutions and Dispersions


Titrating ionic liquids to a dispersion delivers comprehensive insight in the ionic behavior of a sample with respect to stability, functionality,...