Particle Zeta Potential

"Mix & Measure" technology helps to qualify formulations rapid and reliable.

Rapid pH-Titration

Rapid Polyelectrolyte Titration

Rapid Conductivity Titration

All Titrations simultaneously with Size

Stabino® for Particle Charge Titration

Charge sensitive 0.3 nm - 100 µm

  • Charge titration within minutes
  • 0.01 to 40%vol
  • Measurement parameter: Potential, pH, conductivity, temperature, absolute charge, time
  • Slot for 180° DLS size sensor - see NANO-flex®

NANO-flex® for in-situ Size

0.8 nm to 6.5 µm

  • Dip-In-Sensor
  • Up to 40% vol.
  • DLS size compliant to ISO 22412
  • Molecular weight according to Debye, dn/dc integrated
  • 0°C to 90°C, non condensing