The European Centre for Dispersion Technology (EZD) uses the Combination of Stabino® & NANO-flex® (DUO-S) for the Characterization of various Dispersions

The European Centre for Dispersion Technology (EZD) is an interdisciplinary research and technology transfer centre, focussed on the manufacturing and characterization of dispersions. In the EZD all fundamental development projects as well as all relevant services around the topic „dispersing“ are offered for the industry.

The DUO-S provides a combination of dynamic light scattering and streaming potential measurement in a compact and low maintenance instrument. With the 180° backscattering technology well reproducible results can be achieved fast and easily with no necessity of adjusting an angle. The instrument offers a flexible experimental setup by using a variable and robust stainless steel probe. In this way measurements can be performed in all possible solvents and test vessels. As a research institute we are confronted with many different issues, so this flexibility is highly necessary. A comparable instrument that provides the above mentioned functions cannot be found among any other manufacturers. Thus, we decided to work with DUO-S.

In the past, instruments of other manufacturers providing dynamic light scattering in combination with zeta potential were considered, but these did not meet our requirements.

By means of the streaming potential, the suitable amount of stabilizers for dispersion can be found out or it can be determined at which pH value two dispersed phases start to segregate into each other. At both processes the possibility of coupling exists so the particle size can also be focussed. For us, the great benefits of the instrument are the robustness, the flexibility and the reproducible results. Furthermore, some samples can even be examined in original concentration with the 180° backscattering.

As it becomes even more important to characterize smallest particles, the instrument is applicable for the food industry as well as for the cosmetics industry. Analyses with the DUO-S are also performed for the paint, medicine and pharma industry.