In January 2022, Colloid Metrix accepted an offer from Microtrac MRB to move the Stabino® Particle Charge Titration Analyzer activity „down the road“, from Meerbusch to Haan, at 50 km distance.


Stabino will find a niche in an impressive family of lab particle analyzers. Kai Gossmann and Marian Dintner, both chemists and understanding the dynamics of colloid stabiltiy, moved with Stabino® on 15th of February 2022. We are happy about a smooth transition into an challenging new surrounding. Together with Markus Pauli, managing director of Microtrac Retsch, we agreed to make the transition as simple as possible for distributors and customers. Please refer to Microtrac MRB.

The NANO-flex® 180° DLS dip-in instrument can be purchased from Colloid Metrix / Particle Metrix, in combination with coupling NANO-flex® to Stabino, we are open to discuss possible at-line applications of NANO-flex®.

We are sorry for this change, but we will support you as usual friends.

Margret Böck and Hanno Wachernig, founders of Particle Metrix and Colloid Metrix.

22nd of February, 2022

The Life Science product line can be found a Particle Metrix  

Exploring Nanoparticles with Colloid Metrix Analyzers

Advances in nanoparticle measurement techniques are required as more accurate and reliable data are needed for both naturally occurring as well as engineered nanoparticles. With its remarkable family of colloid analyzers Colloid Metrix can provide the required comprehensive nanoparticle characterization.